Beginner app programmer stuck: ERROR: "specified for property 'quickstartFile' does not exist."

Sorry if this might seem like a dumb question but im just getting into android app programming for particle. I am trying to compile the sdk_example_app but struggling…

So far i have downloaded Andriod Studio and successful run a super basic “hello world” app on an emulator.
Now im trying to compile sdk_example_app but im getting stuck with
“ERROR: No value has been specified for this provider.”
I don’t really know what to do with that? What provider is it talking about?

Edit: I got a little more help from the terminal by using --info

Could not resolve all artifacts for configuration ‘:sdk_example_app:classpath’.
Cannot resolve external dependency because no repositories are defined.
Required by:
project :sdk_example_app

Edit 2:
Apparently you also need Android SDK 28 installed. This should probably be in the noob installation instructions. I still can’t compile though and getting a bunch of gradle issues.
"specified for property 'quickstartFile' does not exist."

Are you using the very latest Android Studio?

Thanks, I solved the issue from a github user: The example requires firebase.

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