New repository for all Particle Android projects!

There’s a new GitHub repository for all Android code from Particle!

We’re moving all our Android projects into this one repository. This single, simple repo means less guesswork for users & developers (“Wait, which repo should I file this bug on?”), and significant time savings for the Particle Android maintainers.

The former cloud SDK and device setup lib repos have been archived, with links pointing to this new monorepo, and all open issues filed against them have been moved over as well.

If you have any questions, ask away right here on the thread!

– Jens, Particle Android Engineer


Where is the Tinker app source code in this repo?

It’s in the app module

Ok I just opened app project in Android Studio and I got a Gradle build error:

File google-services.json is missing. The Google Services Plugin cannot function without it

How do I find this .json file that’s missing?


(Please see my response on your other thread for this issue!)

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That’s why scattering one topic over multiple threads is bad :wink:

For future drivers-by on this thread
here is the other thread referred above

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I saw it. Thank you for your response !

Yeah I see your point, sorry about cross posting :pensive: