Battery drains faster when Argon sleeping

I am seeing about 4x the battery drain on my Argon when asleep than when running code. Without sleeping the battery lowers by about 0.08V, but when I use sleep for an hour the battery lowers by 0.3V as measured by the Argon. I have tried this on two different Argons/batteries so this is not limited to a single unit.

System.sleep(PWR, RISING, SleepDuration);

I really doubt that the Argon just burns more power when sleeping than awake, so I must be missing something. I do see the LED on the device go out as I expect. I also have let the Argon run for a couple minutes before and after the sleep to ensure that the battery readings are leveled out and not catching a spike, but they are consistent.

In case it makes any difference (not sure how it can though) I’m using a 3.7v 300mAh LiPo.

Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong?

There are a few other posts about this, it’s a known bug. Here’s a potential workaround:

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Thanks, that did it. I was searching for sleep and battery so that never came up.