B524 persistent on connecting to very werk cell provider -- SOLVED

Hi -

One of my B524 devices is adamant on connecting to Cell C 3G. Normally I would not mind as long as it works.... but alas, it does not. It struggles to connect and when it does, it stays connected for a couple of seconds and then disconnects.

To eliminate code or PCB errors, I replaced it with one of my other units (B524 andB523), works like a charm. If I put this particular unit on the Particle dev board, I get the same behavior.

One last thing - all other units connect to a different provider while laying next to each other on my workbench. It is just this one persisting with the Cell C 3G connection attempts :yawning_face:

any feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Regards, Friedl.

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Glad you solved it!

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All thanks to @no1089. - Reactivate the sim :wink:

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