B404 Power Management

I am working on my first design integrating the B404. I am referencing the datasheet as well as the evaluation board to try to understand how to power the board.

I am confused by a conflicting item I found, and am looking for clarity.

The B404 evaluation board uses a TI BQ24195L chip to control the input power sources. From what I can tell the BQ24195L outputs 5.1V out of its regulator which after going through a power switch and jumper is connected to UVCC. According to the datasheet of the B404 those pins should see between 3.6-4.3V. I am trying to understand how this works. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

The bq24195 is not run in battery boost mode. That’s used to generate the 5.1V on the OTG pin, which is not used in the Particle design.

The output to power the cellular modem is derived from SW output, which will either be the battery supply voltage, or the charge voltage, which is in the range for the cellular modem.

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