Boron Power Input: max 6.2v or max 17v

I think I'm seeing conflicting information on the max power that can be fed to the Boron through the USB. "Particle Docs" under "Typical device power inputs" says the Boron can take up to 17v at the USB. But the "Bbm404x-datasheet" says Vin max is 6.2v (where is Vin on the Boron anyway?). See screen captures below:

I think (and hope ) the 17v is the correct max. So if the 6.2v is an error could that get corrected in the documentation or the documentation made clearer?

On the Boron (BRN404X, BRN404, BRN402, BRN314, BRN310) you can supply up to 17 VDC on the VUSB pin if you are not using any FeatherWing devices that expect it to be 5 VDC.

The other value is the maximum input voltage to the cellular modem, which isn't really exposed on the Boron.

Rick, Thanks for the response. That's kind of what I gathered but it took me several hours of digging around in the two pieces of documentation and the community forum.
Suggestions: Could the use of input on the USB be clarified in the Boron documentation? For those using solar panels the up to 17v input is a great feature but could easily be overlooked. The section in "brn404x-datasheet.pdf" about input on the USB/ VUSB is very brief and does not mention the full range of possible voltage inputs. It's probably in there somewhere but hard to find. Could USB info language from the "Particle Docs" under "Typical device power inputs" be copied into the boron datasheet?
p.s. Thanks for your patience. You sure have more patience then I would, answering endless repetitive questions.