Azure iot: update device twin

Hi all,
I’d like to have access to a device shadow/twin where I can efficiently obtain the current state of a device without needing to go back to the deployed hardware.

This should be straight forward with Azure’s device twin function, if someone could give me guidance on how to update the twin values. Afaict, Azure IoT integration sends data to the event stream for telemetry, which is a little more detailed than I need at this stage.


Hi, could it be that the Particle-Azure integration sets the twin in Azure?
If so, you could set it up and then query the twin from inside Azure. You only need the IoT hub, and I guess you wouldn’t need to configure any stream analytics to make this work.

I never did this so I cannot say much more… :frowning:

I’ve never tried this in Azure either.

I can say that provides Device State monitoring so you can check the state of devices last reported reading even though it’s offline.

I found Losant easier to work with than Azure but to each his own.