Audio project - help needed

hi there. I am trying to do a project from D Middlecamp but having a hard time… Maybe someone can guide me through the steps, because the explanation on is not clear to me (I am a beginner).…

What I did:

1 Downloaded the two files of the project to ~/…/soundproject
2 Modified the files by changing the ipAddress in waveRecorder.js:

// Put your IP here!
var settings = {
	ip: "",
	port: 3443

and in main.ino

// so we know where to connect, try:
// particle get MY_DEVICE_NAME ipAddress

Spark.variable("", myIpAddress, STRING);
IPAddress myIp = WiFi.localIP();
sprintf(myIpAddress, "%d.%d.%d.%d", myIp[0], myIp[1], myIp[2], myIp[3]);

3 Uploaded the files to my Photon using the CLI (“particle flash abc23434absbs soundproject”)

and then I’m lost. Is it working? I have no idea? Where does test.wav get stored?

I hope someone can help me.

Your link is broken.

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Actually only the main.ino should be flashed to the Photon.
The waveRecorder.js you’d run on your computer and there will the wav file be stored too.

aha! The next thing I was wondering was how to run a js file in terminal, but I found out! With Node.js you just type

node waveRecorder.js

(assuming you are in the correct directory). And it works!! (I haven’t tried yet with the Photon turned on, it’s in another room and I’m in a rush). Thanks a lot!

PS. I thought it would be a stupid question, but apparently many people have the same question:

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it worked!