attachInterrupt does not work from firmware 0.5.3-rc2 and above

When using firmware 0.5.3-rc2 and above on a core the attachInterupt does not work.

When using firmware 0.5.2 it does work.

I tested with a simple code:

void setup() {
pinMode(D3, INPUT);
pinMode(D7, OUTPUT);
attachInterrupt(D3, buttonPushed, FALLING);

void buttonPushed(){

void loop() {


Does this have to do with the implementation of “added HAL_IsISR() which is used to skip calling the background loop from delay(). fixes #673” ?

attachInterrupt() does work, the only known issue on the Core is that external interrupts are disabled by default.

And the current workaround (provided in that issue report) is to call interrupts(); in setup()

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I was looking for this issue and thought that someone should have encountered this, but could not find it.
Thank you very much. I will add this to my code.