Atom Projects / Library References / Not working as before?

Windows 10 just pulled an update I thought I deferred until later today (it was 9PM somewhere).

In any event, after rebooting my Atom IDE apparently went thru an update procedure (it had been nagging about this with the small blue squirrel icon on the lower right of the status bar).

All my projects up to now were using a collection of Particle libraries via the “+Add to current project” operation and were building without issue. I had not opted to “Copy to current project” for these projects. They have all built and deployed without issue.

Now Atom won’t build these projects, puking because it can’t find the associated .h header files in my “includes”.

In addition, when I open a Project Folder, Atom goes off like this:

As an aside, if I create a new project and build with downloaded local copies of repo/library files, it works.

What the heck changed?

EDIT: Update

  • I’ve since downloaded local copies of Particle library instances and I can build.
  • Fixed the “Deprecation cop” by closing all previously instantiated EDIT windows
  • The Build process is HORRENDOUSLY SLOWER from 20-30 seconds -> 2 to 3 minutes

For all those big red errors on the right of your picture you can solve that two ways, manually rename all the files it mentions so they have spaces in their names instead of %20 or if you click view issue you will find a solution in the comments using Powershell. In the node_modules folder of your particle installation run this command ls .\language-*\grammars* | rename-item -NewName {$ -replace “%20”, " "}

The root of this problem seems to be this. We’ll fix it asap!

Good to know what the deal is with the RED error boxes that pop up every time I open Particle DEV!

@suda Will the next version of Particle DEV fix this? or is this something that I need to do manually?

Hmmm, that seems to be a separate issue. Could you try moving %HOME%\.particledev to a different location (don’t delete it pls) and starting Desktop IDE again?

Renaming all the lang files as @Viscacha suggested will mitigate this issue (spaces vs. %20)

The files mentioned in error shouldn’t be there. Maybe it’s the case of not clean update. Could you zip the contents of C:\Users\JAmos\AppData\Local\particledev and send them to me at ? Then you could try removing this dir and running the installer again.

@Suda Here is the error message I get every time I open Particle DEV.

Oh, that seems to be a different one. You could try removing %HOME%\.particledev\config.cson file as it seems to be corrupted.

@Suda That worked :slight_smile:


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