Asset Tracker V2 DC input max amps with LiPo connected

The specs state that the DC input should be able to support loads of 2A, but what about an Asset Tracker installation that also uses a fully charged LiPo? Won’t the current peaks be drawn of the LiPo in that case?

The reason I am asking is that I need to get my input voltage from a 40.8V source, and that the pre-built step down converters I find that support these kinds of voltages ( +40V) only output 600mA.

The ones that can do more amps are only rated to 40V.

I’d rather not build a DC converter circuit myself as this system should be used in more than 100 devices.

Yes, the Li-Po will provide the power for the current peaks.

But you can supply 12V to the Asset Tracker, which is helpful if you don’t want to use the Li-Po( possibility of high temps, etc).
I’m sure there are much better options available, but here’s a sample for 40V to 12V

Reminder: Amps decrease as supply voltage increases.
I’m sure someone here has a recommendation for a quality buck converter for a “clean” power supply @12V.

I currently have one from Velleman, but as this example, it’s rated for 40V. max.
I am measuring 40.8V input when the LiPo pack that’s powering it is at 100% charge, so I don’t know if it is safe to use in the long term.

Seems I found a solution for now: