Asset Tracker 12v/Car Power requirements

The asset tracker says you can use 5v to 12v power, however, I’ve not been able to ascertain whether or not you need a MOSFET between the 12v car power and the asset tracker (not the USB or VIN) power inputs.

Also, is 5v the lowest input voltage to the (not the USB or VIN) power inputs or can you use 3.3v like the LiPo battery supplies?

You will need a MOSFET if you want to control the 12V power source fed into the gps shield.

LiPOs typically provide ~4.0V power source which too much for the 3V3 pin and too low for Vin.

What’s your concern?

Spiking as I know car voltages do, I wanted to make certain I needed to include one or had that already been done. I believe bringing in a nice 5v will take care if everything.

Thanks for your help!