Asset Tracker v2 - Active GPS antenna


I’m looking for recommendations for an active external GPS antenna which is really small.

I’ve been testing the asset tracker v2 with the on-board GPS antenna and its quite useless in its current state as it takes too long to get a position ( and i’m trying only power it up for the smallest amount of time )

I bought an external antenna from amazon and this is great - gets a position with 10 seconds…

But size is everything and i’m trying to find one which is smaller…

However this project may make it to been created on its own PCB - would i be able to replace the current GPS antenna with a more powerful one?? If so any recommendations


Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 or @ParticleD are you able to assist?

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Can you post a link to your current external antenna? Small is relative and we don’t know how small you have it now.

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Good point
This is the one i currently have

these are available :

But looking for recommendations and advice about if i do go to a proper production device - can i can UPGRADE the antenna to something which may be more useable.


I have purchased a few more Active antenna’s but they are not getting brilliant results.

I’m using your code @rickkas7 - do you have information on what makes a good GPS antenna .
Like lots of things, size is important, but i’m looking for a happy medium. Ideally i want to be small, but also be able to obtain a GPS indoors / in a vehicle with 10 seconds.

I’m running a cr2032 battery at the moment ( as you referenced on you github project ) .

The antenna above from amazon get a signal quickly - but ideally looking for something which can do onto a PCB.

Any pointers greatly received.

Check out the available GPS antennas and modules on Adafruit. They offer a very small external antenna which is what you originally asked for but it is a passive antenna. They do have an active, external antenna but it looks about the same size as you already have. However, if you’re looking to mount on a PCB, You may want to use their “Ultimate GPS Module” which is not just an antenna but an active module. They have Dev boards for the ultimate GPS module that you can test with in a prototype setup and then buy the PCB version for mounting directly to a PCB in a production design.

Full listing:

Passive Antenna:

Active Antenna:

Ultimate GPS PCB module:

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Thank you.

I’m just disappointed that gps module on the asset tracker v2 is not that good. I don’t understand why my Garmin running watch can aquire a GPS lock under 10 seconds - when the particle device is much greater than that ( sometimes beyond 60 seconds ) . that’s when it wakes up from sleeping with an external antenna.

I may try a different GPS module to see how that compares…

Do you have the 3.3v battery installed so the GPS hot starts instead of cold starts when you start using it again?

At present i have the standard lipo battery connected to the device. And it is sat on my window sill ( not in a case )

I have the 3v cr2032 soldered to the base of the unit ( and the jumpers soldered on the board )

At the moment its only going into the sleep cycle - which can be woken either by time or motion.
My understanding is that this is a WARM start as it had previously acquired a signal.