Asset Tracker - external GPS antenna

I am using the asset tracker as a base for tracking sail boats during a race in real time.

Using the internal passive GPS antenna give an unacceptable time to the first fix - minute to never. Once it has a first fix, using the internal passive antenna only maintains the fix for the during of the race (hours).

Using an external water proof active antenna solves the time too first fix but has packaging issues - I would like the tracker hardware to fit in the standard asset tracker box. I have experimented with internal active antennas but have not seen the same reduction is time to first fix - in fact little improvement over the built in passive antenna.

Active internal antenna:

Is there any recommendations for an internal active GPS antenna that provide the same time to first fix improvements as the water proof external antenna?

Discussion on external active antenna: How to get external antenna for Asset Tracker GPS [Resolved]

@Jibeset, are you using the original Asset Tracker or the new V2 version?

Original shield. I am attempting to purchase from Particle a v2 shield to do testing with it

I can confirm the fix time on the V2 is way better.

That is because the V2 shield has an external SAW/LAN amplifier/filter making the antenna active. :wink:

I now have V2 asset tracker and can confirm that the time to first fix is very much improved even without an external active antenna - once I got past the fact the the meaning of the “red led” had been reversed.

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