Asset Tracker v2 External antenna defaulting to Internal

hi All,

Had a question about the workings of the Asset Tracker library and the v2 hardware.

I have an external GPS antenna I just bought that I’ll test soon. Just wanted to know what the default action is when the signal for the external antenna is low - does the device revert to the internal antenna? Or once the function t.antennaExternal() has been called is the internal antenna fully disabled until explicitly told otherwise?


The initialization of the AssetTracker library always sets the antenna to internal. So you must change it back to external, typically from setup() after gpsOn(), if you want external.

This is for the AssetTracker V2 (the current version, u-blox GPS). The AssetTracker V1 (GlobalTop PA6H) is auto-switching.

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just asking because I called the antennaExernal() function after gpsOn(), but I am getting some weird results in testing.

I covered the asset tracker with a solid metal enclosure and ran the external antenna out of it. As expected, I picked up a GPS signal quickly. I turned off the device for around 30 mins and tried again, this time without the antenna attached. I got no GPS signal. However, when I did not attach the external antenna, but have my asset tracker on the table NOT hidden under anything, I do get a GPS signal. The red light flashes and I can call from the console to get the GPS coordinates. Is there defaulting at all when the external antenna is not attached?

hi Rikkas,

I actually just changed the library to AssetTrackerRK and I’m getting a similar problem.

I have enabled the external GPS antenna with these 3 calls:




However, when I turned on my unit (it had been powered off for around an hour) WITHOUT my external antenna attached I quickly get the red satellite fix LED flashing at what I would guess would be 1 Hz and am able to pull the GPS coordinates off the unit via the console. So it seems something it going wrong with turning OFF the internal antenna, or it is meant to still be on.