Asset Tracker (V1) antenna switch

I’m not convinced that the software commands to switch from Internal to External antenna on the Asset Tracker (V1) actually do anything. It seems to me that if you plug in an external antenna, it starts using it, and changing the software switch to enable or disable the external antenna doesn’t change anything.

I have been experimenting with the Asset Tracker for the past few days, and with the “internal” antenna, it has a hard time getting a good signal in my house, even near the windows. I ordered an external antenna and adapter cable (Amazon), which arrived today. I connected the antenna, and without any software changes to “turn on” the external antenna, I am getting great GPS reception now inside my house with the external antenna placed in a window. I added a function that allows me to switch the antenna setting, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference at all.

Has anyone else played around with this?

Yes, the AssetTracker V1 is auto-switching. The commands to switch between internal and external are only for the AssetTracker V2.

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Thanks, that explains why the switch doesn’t make any difference. I saw posts on here from a couple of years ago saying you had to issue the command if you used an external antenna, obviously that is not true.


Well, now I also have an AssetTracker V2, and it appears that the command to switch the antenna is not needed. I connected the antenna and immediately got good signal, without any command to switch to it. It’s clearly using it, without the external antenna it doesn’t get enough signal.