Asset Tracker component questions



I cant seem to find any mentions of this however I am trying to figure out the value of C9 on the BOM of the Particle Asset Tracker V2. Its listed as part number 0402B106K500NT which seems to come back to a SMD capacitor Fenghua 0402B106K500NT 0402 106K 10UF 50V 10%. Its listed as 50v however the BOM lists is as CERAMIC CAPACITOR X5R ±20% 6.3V. the 6.3V value makes more sense considering the supply voltage to that circuit is 3.3V. Can anyone help me figure this out?

Link to the BOM:

The component should be on line 4 and again is listed as “C9”.

Thank you


I would not be too concerned about the voltage rating for that capacitor, as it’s just a bypass capacitor on the 3.3V line. A 6.3V cap is fine, however using a high voltage rating will be fine as well.

This is not uncommon for 10 uF caps, since they’re often used on higher voltage inputs so if you normally stock 25V or 50V 10uF 0402 caps, it’s fine to substitute that.


Thank you for the response. I agree that the 50V cap would be just fine I was just wondering about the mixup. Thank you for confirming this for me though.