Argon offline, but breathing cyan

I just set up an argon, and it is breathing cyan. I can reset the device with the reset button, and this shows up in the events on the console. I cannot signal the device with the iphone particle app either. I had no trouble setting up the device, but now cannot communicate with it. I tried the diagnostics but they were no help. I cannot ping it either.

Device OS:


Any explanation for this behavior?

Another observation. If I try to flash code to the argon, it says it flashed successfully and it is ready. However, it did not flash at all. No led indicator indicated the flashing process (RGB LED Blue/RED Purple?). It did not flash code. I am using a MAC computer.

This is an issue that’s addressed with the 0.9.0-rc.x updates as NCP lockup
Have a read

I unclaimed the argon and started over. It is now online and breathing cyan.


Wanted to loop back to this thread to note that as of this morning, v0.9.0 for Gen 3 hardware with support for sleep modes is now available! Give it a try and let us know your feedback!

Is this still a problem, by any chance? I’m hitting this issue on Argon running 2.0.1.


It is not a problem for me.