Argon locks up during handshake with Particle Cloud

I have an Argon that I just took out of the box that is getting stuck with the final step of connecting to the particle cloud. It is running a simple helloWorld with the SerialLogHandler enabled. I have many other Argons that have no issue connecting to the Particle Cloud from the classroom. Even this device will connect successful to the "internet" in SEMI_AUTOMATIC mode, the issue is just with the Particle Cloud.

Here is the log, it basically hangs at "Sending HELLO message"

0000002594 [ncp.esp32.mux] INFO: Starting GSM07.10 muxer
0000002595 [ncp.esp32.mux] INFO: Openning mux channel 0
0000002595 [ncp.esp32.mux] INFO: GSM07.10 muxer thread started
0000002599 [ncp.esp32.mux] INFO: Openning mux channel 1
0000005137 [ncp.esp32.mux] INFO: Openning mux channel 2
0000023252 [ncp.esp32.mux] INFO: Mux channel 2 already opened
0000042956 [ncp.esp32.mux] INFO: Mux channel 2 already opened
0000060535 [ncp.esp32.mux] INFO: Mux channel 2 already opened
0000064618 [net.ifapi] INFO: Netif wl3 link UP
0000064619 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: IFACE_UP -> IFACE_LINK_UP
0000064656 [hal] INFO: DNS server list changed
0000064657 [hal] INFO: DNS server list changed
0000064660 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: IFACE_LINK_UP -> IP_CONFIGURED
0000064791 [system] INFO: Cloud: connecting
0000064792 [system] INFO: Read Server Address = type:1,domain:$
0000064793 [system] WARN: Failed to load session data from persistent storage
0000064793 [system] INFO: Discarding session data
0000065326 [system] INFO: Cloud socket=0, connecting to
0000065327 [system] INFO: Cloud socket connected
0000065327 [system] INFO: Starting handshake: presense_announce=0
0000065328 [comm.protocol.handshake] INFO: Establish secure connection
0000065331 [comm.dtls] INFO: (CMPL,RENEG,NO_SESS,ERR) restoreStatus=2
0000065840 [comm.protocol.handshake] INFO: Sending HELLO message

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