Argon firmware backup

I have several Argon boards. For one of the boards, I made a backup using the nrfconnect program and the Jlink programmer. Then I installed my firmware without Device OS. When I tried to restore the default firmware today, it stopped working. I copied the default firmware from another board but the result is the same. How can I restore the default firmware?

A few possibilities:

  • What range did you copy? You can actually copy the entire nRF52 internal flash between two of the same types of devices and restore them and it usually works. Since this does not contain device-specific information (Device ID, device keys, configuration, etc.) it’s usually safe.
  • Did you reset the bootloader address? You can copy the UICR bytes from a working device. Usually copying both the flash + UICR will resolve most situations.
  • Did you erase the external SPI flash? On the Argon this will require a separate step to restore the Argon NCP. And since the device keys are stored there, you’ll need to reset your device keys using particle keys doctor.

This post explains how to back up and restore a Xenon using a Segger J-Link and nrfjprog but it also works for the Argon as long as you don’t erase the external flash.

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