Restoring Xenon after flashing custom OS

I ordered a Particle Xenon for a project where I want to/need to write software just using the NRF softdevice because the hardware seemed quite nice. After searching around for a bit I’ve become interested in also trying to use the Xenon with the official DeviceOS+Cloud features.

To me it seemed tgat I should be able to restore the factory state after our project is over by flashing the released images via JTAG (and possibly restore the backuped keys).
Is this correct? Any hints on steps that I need to do while I still have a factory new Xenon (claim it, backup something, etc.)?

You’ll need to program the bootloader by SWD/JTAG. Possibly also the nRF52 soft device. The instructions are here:

Then program the system-part-1 and tinker either by SWD or USB DFU (blinking yellow mode).

That may be sufficient. If not, you may need to reset the device keys and server key by DFU.

However you’ll also need to have a gateway, an Argon, Boron, or Ethernet FeatherWing. It’s not possible to use a Xenon by itself at this time.