Argon failed to initialize ESP32 NCP client -100

Having a issue with a argon after i lost power and rebooted the equipment the serial monitor is printing.

It’s running rc27 the firmware has Threading disabled (in case it matters) running on automatic mode.

Here is a paste of what it’s been printing for the past few hours.

010902432 [gsm0710muxer] INFO: Starting GSM07.10 muxer
0010902433 [net.esp32ncp] TRACE: Failed to initialize ESP32 NCP client: -100
0010903839 [] TRACE: > AT
0010903840 [] TRACE: < OK
0010904841 [hal] TRACE: NCP ready to accept AT commands
0010904842 [] TRACE: > AT+CMUX=0
0010904844 [] TRACE: < OK
0010904844 [gsm0710muxer] INFO: Starting GSM07.10 muxer
0010904845 [net.esp32ncp] TRACE: Failed to initialize ESP32 NCP client: -100

It’s flashing green.
Is this a known issue?

You could try to reflash the NCP

  • download the binary
  • put the device in Listening Mode (blinking blue)
  • run particle flash -serial argon-ncp-firmware-0.0.5-ota.bin
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It fixes if I reboot.
Is there any debugging that can be done to try to figure out what does the error mean?
How can I save to eeprom when it happens?

I have a few units that I deployed remotely that could be getting a similar issue (they are remote and have no serial port).

Similar behavior reboot / power goes out and afterwards they never connect again.

Where can I get the source code that is printing this message?
Is it some proprietary ESP32 Library?
I would like to figure out what -100 means on the code.
I did a search on the Particle Firmware repo on github and coudn’t find it.

The “Failed to initialize ESP32 NCP” error message is printing the return code of NcpClient::on() method.
But so far I’ve only found the HAL header in the public repo

Found the implementation of the on() method

And here are the references where the error message is emitted

Thank’s so hmm what would you recommend to solve this?
I am running on automatic mode shoudn’t the firmware in automatic mode handle the esp32ncpclient state so if it goes to disabled it will enable it again?

just to double check SYSTEM_ERROR_INVALID_STATE is -100? I coudn’t find a definition of it’s value in github.

This may call for a support ticket

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Thanks will do so now.
Hit a similar issue though I enabled threading and it just gets completely stuck on reconnection.

0000067641 [] TRACE: < OK
0000067641 [gsm0710muxer] INFO: Mux channel 2 already opened
0000067643 [hal] TRACE: Connecting to "PRMCNET"
0000069598 [] TRACE: < WIFI CONNECTED
0000200675 [net.esp32ncp] TRACE: Failed to connect to WiFi: -170
0000200676 [gsm0710muxer] INFO: Stopping GSM07.10 muxer

Hey everyone,

Just a heads up, as per our release topic Gen 3 improvements update 2/2/19 an issue in regards to causing a deadlock for the NCP is addressed as per device issue #3. I highly suspect this is the issue you are experiencing and that this should be resolved in v0.9.0-rc2.

For now, I would sit tight until you’re able to try 0.9.0-rc2 and see if this issue persists post update.

Have it at a customer site at a remote location. Been trying to setup the stlink v2 with the Argon but I get some weird errors about cmsis-dap having the wrong parameters on eclipse.
I want to make sure it’s the same issue instead of waiting.

Hey Anner,

Based on the information provided and the info we are aware of at this time, I reasonably believe it to be the same thing. It would be best to use v0.9.0 as a base for further diagnostics before proceeding forward with further diagnosis.

I anticipate that it should be very soon, so the wait shouldn’t be too long. :slight_smile:

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Will wait for it to be released and give it a try.