Argon data to local computer

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Hello, I am in the middle of a project that I only get to spend short and sporadic time on so I need some quick insight. based on this article, SmartHive, I am trying to add some sensors to my beehives. Not all of the components they have listed are available anymore so I’m trying to replicate as much as I can. In lieu of their wireless controller I purchased a Particle Argon to allow me to tie into my home network. I have it connected to the wifi but I can’t seem to find any articles, documentation or tutorials that point out how to log data to a local computer. Everything seems to talk about using the cloud, which if necessary, would work but isn’t how I want to set it up.
Also, is the Argon the correct device to use in this situation?
Any pointers, tips and advice is greatly welcomed.


I would recommend a Cloud logging system which is similar to syslog called PaperTrail. There’s a library for it too.

If you have to have something local you could use syslog or of you’re storing vales take a look at mqtt. You could then use something like Grafana to graph the results over time.


You could also install a local instance of on a raspberry PI and use MQTT library to send telemetry to it - pretty easy and quick to do and it has built in graphical dashboards and a node based rules engine with connectors to email etc