Argon blinking white: what does it mean?

I received a firmware that I do not know much about.
When I flash it into an argon device, it starts blinking white (it is NOT breathing white, as in Wi-Fi off mode).
This argon was running tinker perfectly fine, and If I flash tinker again, it goes back to running fine (connecting to the cloud, all good).

Of course, the right course of action here is to start dissecting and commenting things out in the firmware, but that will not tell me why the Argon is blinking white.

What is an Argon that is blinking white trying to tell me?
I could not find this info anywhere in the docs.
Thank you!

Hi Gus-

That sounds frustrating. Blinking white could mean that flash is corrupted. Does anything else cause this argon to blink white?


Oh, maybe this firmware is trying to read the flash and crapping out because it does not like the initial conditions of the flash/eeprom on the device or something like that.
Thanks for the tip.

If there is something else that blinking white can signal, please let me know.

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