Argon analog inputs available with Wifi enabled...?

Hi Folks. I am really excited about the new boards, but I have a nervous question.

I recently noticed something rather disappointing about the Adafruit ESP32 feather (and it seems to be the ESP32…not Adafruit)…with Wifi enabled, you can only use ONE analog input! What?!

In Adafruit’s own words (in their FAQ):

“Why can I not read analog inputs once WiFi is initialized?”
“Due to the design of the ESP32, you can only read analog inputs on ADC #1 once WiFi has started”

So my anxious question is…will the Argon have the same weakness in its design? Or are the analog inputs through the Nordic chip? I think and I hope that the latter is the answer. I just wanted to confirm.

As far as I’ve heard the ESP32 is used only for wifi and the nordic chip is used for everything else.


Yes, what nrobinson said. The analog inputs are connected to the nRF52840 not the ESP32, and there are 6 available all the time.


Thank you. Feeling a lot better now.

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Here’s the pinout for the Xenon. I think it will be the same for the Argon.