Are we having webhook issues right now?

I have proven code that’s been in use for months. It appears webhooks are offline, again.

I even deleted and rebuilt my webhook, but it’s not being called.

Webhook ID: 59caa810d8ddbf7018a68af2

No issues right now. All systems look great. We’ll take a look at that webhook ID.

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I’m not seeing any events that would trigger that hook. How often do you expect it to be triggered?

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Well…it just gets called when any device starts up. That webhook is used for the device to get its configuration. I just tried another Electron and it worked. I’ve refreshed 0.6.2 and the application code, but it just seems like this device is unable to make system calls (well…publish events).

I know it’s not smart to post a device ID, but I’ll give it a try here: 99999999999 (decided to hide it and submit a support ticket).

Perhaps, there’s something wrong with the device itself.

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