Are there any open UDP/TCP ports on the electron by default?

I am concerned with the security concept. So whether there are any targets?
Thanks for your help!

Port 5684 UDP is used for the Particle cloud connection. In cellular-only mode it is not open.

However, even if you did open a port, since all cellular devices sit behind a NAT portmapping, listening ports are only activated after sending a packet out from that port. It’s not possible to create a persistent UDP listener on a cellular device.

Furthermore, the port mapping is locked down to the IP address and port that was sent to. It’s not possible for a different host on the Internet to send packets to the mapped port.

Likewise, all of the devices on the internal cellular network are isolated from each other, so they cannot directly send packets between each other, except through the port-mapped public IP.

It’s not possible to have a TCP listener on a cellular device at all.

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Thanks a lot! That’s everything I wanted to know! :slight_smile: