Electron TCP firmware

I can’t get the electron to run in TCP mode , after changing the address to be tcp the electron fails to do any OTA or USB updates , therefore , it might be in tcp mode but I cannot run my code on it .

Could someone please help !

Hi @elijthomas

Do you mean that you recompiled the Electron source to use TCP for the Cloud connection instead of UDP? If so, you will also need to change the keys since the Particle cloud public key for TCP and UDP are different.

Yes that’s what I mean , what’s the best way to update the keys ?

Can you tell us why you need to use a TCP cloud connection?

It was meant only as a contingency fallback in case UDP wasn’t ready in time for release, and we may remove this in future versions unless there’s a compelling reason to keep it.

Because I am having issues with the latency to call a function on the device after leaving alone for a period of time , almost like it goes to sleep . I don’t have this issue at all with the same code on a photon connected to the same 3G network using a hotspot

I’d say this is more due to the hotspot keeping in touch with the network (pinging) rather than the use of TCP over UDP.
Are you using the Particle or a third party SIM?

I am using the particle sim in the electron and a sim from the same network in the photon wifi , is there a good way to do pinging using the electron to keep it in touch wit the network ?