Invoke an Electron internet connection method to a photon

Wondering if there is a way to invoke the electron connection methods to a photon/P1? I am connecting a P1 through a 3G hotspot, but the data consumption is high. If there was a way to connect to the cloud like the Electron with a function that would be awesome!

Does anyone know if something like this exists or how to go about doing that?


I’m not sure if I understand the question, but you can be in full control of the connection, should you wish to be. Have a look at system modes for example :slight_smile:

@Moors7 The electron has a very light data usage connection with the 3G towers the uses very minimal data usage to keep the cloud connection alive where as the wifi modules have a different method of keeping the cloud connection alive same goes for the hand shake methods and sending data. I believe the Electron uses UDP and the photon uses TCP connection types. But I also think the cloud connection handshaking is different also. The electron, I think, only calls particle.process every 28 minutes while the Photon calls this multiple times a second.

I want to use the electrons method to connect to the cloud. This will reduce the overall data consumption because I am having some photons connect to a cellular hot spot.

I am currently in semi-automatic mode with system threading enabled.

Did this help explain my problem?

AFAIK that would require a replacement of the system firmware for one that’s tailormade for UDP which is not an easy task.
There were requests the other way round when people wanted TCP for the Electron (which would be a similar task) and that was answered by @mdma that this would be rather difficult.
So you might have to make do with the available system & sleep modes to keep your data consumption low.

But “maybe” - if there is enough call for such thing - Particle “might” at least talk about it :wink:

Any comments @mdma@ or @jvanier?

@ScruffR, Thanks! that’s what I was kinda thinking it would take a lot to get to this. We’ll work on only connecting to the cloud 1/hour this should have a monthly data rate of 1.5 to 3.5 MB/mo