Electron cloud manipulator questions


I would like to use the Electron cloud manipulator (from now on the tool) and have a few questions:

  1. the server where I install the tool requires a public IP. Now for inbound traffic, what ports does it need open? I get that the main UDP port (5684) needs to be open, but I see devices connecting and using another port (random?). Example of this:

device specific cloud port listening
(that's from the readme of the tool)

Is there a particular range of ports, can this be configured or it only requires UDP port 5684?

  1. is this DS_ADDR still good? (from the config.js file in the repo)

I read here that it changed at some point to (but that was in 2018) and the DNS for it should be 0.udp.particle.io, which if I ping it today gives:

ping 0.udp.particle.io
PING device-service-udp.us-east-1.eks-production-gotham.particle.io ( 56 data bytes

Should I use today?

Thank you

The other port generally doesn't need port forwarding, unless you have a particularly restrictive firewall.

A temporary port is set up for the responses from the real cloud to come back. This is standard whenever any application makes outgoing requests by UDP, and your router will generally automatically return packets to that port, at least for a few minutes.

I would go ahead and do the ping or dig command to use whatever the current server is and enter that in DS_ADDR. Otherwise, you can end up in the wrong pool of servers even if it technically works.

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