Are spark modules P0 and P1 BGA/QFN parts?


From a PCB assembly point of view, are P0 and P1 modules considered as BGA or QFN parts?


I guess they are just called SMD in general… Surface Mount Device

Their footprint is not exactly the same standards like sot-23, BGA or QFN so there’s no actual name for it :slight_smile:

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Just to amplify what @kennethlimcp said, I have not read anything that says P0 and P1 come “pre-balled” so they really cannot be BGA or ball grid array. It is similar to QFN or quad flat no-lead packages but it has pads completely under the device instead of just on the edges.

The way you solder it is with a stencil and solder paste along with a hot-air station or hot plate or oven. If you don’t have a stencil, I have had some luck with solder paste in a syringe working under a microscope and being very careful.

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Thanks for your answers. The point is that I am searching PCB Assembly suppliers and for their quotation they ask if my PCB has BGA/QFN parts.

Assembly online quotes:

So, reading your answers, I do not have to count P0 or P1 as BGA/QFN parts, isn’t it?

Hi @clex

I would think they would charge you the same as QFN since it is similar and maybe even a little more difficult.

Got it! Thanks @bko I’ll talk to them and check it.