API is working in POSTMAN but not in my integration

I've begun utilizing Speakatoo, and while their API functions correctly in POSTMAN, it's not working as expected within my integration.

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I have not used Speakatoo before. Had a quick look, looks interesting indeed. Are you sending data or receiving data from the API? Or both?

Sending data to an API via Webhooks is pretty straight forward if you know a little JSON. I gave found that receiving data is more challenging and you would need their API to communicate with Particle API. Getting it working in Postman is a good start, but you will also need to expose some variable to receive the incoming data.

Have a look at this tutorial I did a recently. even though it is not your exact case, it might give you some ideas. In this tutorial we send and receive data between Particle and Blynk APIs.

I am sure there will be more people reponsing to your thread, there are some really clever and helpful people in here.



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