Any Success with Cell Booster for Electron 2G/3G?

One of our clients is uses electrons in a remote monitoring location. We have had trouble connecting to and reading data from these devices. Has anyone had any success using a Cell Booster like this one here?

Would love any feedback you all can provide, thank you! Happy to provide any necessary follow-up information.

RF boosters like that, with an external antenna that works with all carriers and bands generally work with Particle devices. The weBoost is another that is known to work, but that one should work as well.

Cellular boosters like the weBoost generally work with all Particle cellular devices, assuming there is at least some faint, compatible signal available. For example, with the Boron 2G/3G in the United States, if you only have a weak T-Mobile signal they can be helpful. If you have no T-Mobile service at all in your area, they will not help.

Cellular micro/pico/femto cells that use the Internet to connect to a specific carrier generally do not work. For example, the AT&T MicroCell does not work with the Electron and E Series, even though they can use AT&T in the United States. The reason is that the Particle devices are roaming on AT&T, and the MicroCell product does not allow access to roaming cellular devices.