2G/3G Boron Particle SIM with Verizon 3G hotspot

Greetings -

I live in a very RF-dead location here at home (no cellular service), and to make make my cell phone operable I installed a Verizon 3G hotspot. I am now wanting to delve into Boron-based devices and attempted to setup my 2G/3G Boron via the Particle app. All the updates and operations performed well, however, now I’, stuck in the proverbial “green flash” mode trying to get on the network.

I’m wondering a couple things:

  • It appears that the embedded Boron SIM doesn’t operate with the Verizon hotspot?
  • Is it possible to connect my Boron with a 3rd party SIM and my 3G hotspot?

Specifically, I’m running the Samsung SCS-2U01 hotspot if that aids in an answer.

EDIT: I have a Boron LTE and wonder if this is connectable?

What Verizon product are you using? The Jetpack MiFi and 3G Hotspot products are the opposite direction. They provide Wi-Fi access via the Verizon cellular network. Boron devices do not support Wi-Fi so that will definitely not work.

The other direction is the microcell/picocell/femtocell products. These use your home Internet connection to provide cellular service in areas with no service. However, it’s unlikely that any Particle cellular device will work with any of those either. The reason is that the microcell products are generally tied to a specific carrier (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) and only allow those phones to connect. Since the Particle cellular devices are roaming, they are not generally allowed to connect to those microcell products.

The cellular boosters, which use an external antenna to expand coverage in fringe areas to all carriers, like the WeBoost, generally do work.

It’s the “Verizon Wireless Network Extender”
Samsung Model SCS-2U01

As an aside, we’re so RF dead up here there was a former TUV Lab used for FCC device type acceptance & testing. The Faraday cages are huge, both above ground and subterranean.

The Verizon Wireless Network Extender is a microcell. It only extends the cellular network (voice and data) for Verizon devices, of which the Particle devices do not qualify.

The Boron 2G/3G is completely out because it’s 3G GSM, which is different than Verizon 3G, which was CDMA, a different radio technology.

The Boron LTE is unlikely to work because it’s LTE Cat M1, which I don’t think is supported by the Verizon microcell. It’s also not a Verizon device. And it’s not certified for use on the Verizon network, even with a Verizon SIM, not using an extender, and will get blocked by the network within a day or two of use.

Thanks again, Rick.
Great 411, as always…