Any plans for IFTTT?

jup +1 for IFTTT, would make for awesome projects!!!

+1 for IFTTT integration.

Would love to have IFTTT implemented…

I would love ifttt but found it a brilliant concept that was almost useless (for now)
Say i want to turn on heater if tomorrow is cold at 7pm. It only has one if.
ie weather or time, but not weather and time.
the weather is also 30km from here (limited to major capitals)

Have I missed anything? Such a simple thing to fix!

The more people that vote ifttt for spark, the better :smile:
As for zaper, it doesnt even support andriod at all. No weather, no wiemo…
Ifttt andriod support was pretty lame, what you could do, but zaper worse.
Given lots of time, they have lots of potential though.

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Any more updates on ifttt support?

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lithouse could be adapted to use ifttt with spark. Its beyond my skills to do it though

What is IFFTTT, hmm. Oh I see, definitely +1 for IFTTT integration :slight_smile:

+1 for IFTTT Integration



+1 for IFTTT support!

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Hey IFTTT lovers - I would love to hear more about how you would most like to use IFTTT with Spark! What channels would you integrate? What sort of recipes are you most excited about?


Digital ins and outs. React to spark published variables, e.g. an analog value drops below or tops a certain value like with stocks. Would be very cool for alerting me about inputs when away from home and using it as a Philips Hue kind of thing. Generally used for having a nice interface for whatever and how many controls you like and report when events are happening.


I’d love to see triggers for published events (that seems like exactly the sort of thing they’re for). I don’t know if it’s practical for IFTTT to poll a variable like Yannis suggests, but if so, that would also be an excellent trigger.

For actions, I’d love to be able to read a variable or call a function on a core in in IFTTT recipe. However, access tokens are currently too powerful for me to be comfortable giving one to IFTTT, so I’d hold off on this until we have more restricted api tokens (see my proposal for this functionality).

I could be mistaken but I believe most, if not all, of those functions are already implemented in the beta :slight_smile:

The IFTTT things people have been asking for, or the stuff I suggested in that other thread I linked? I’ve spun up the spark-server project locally once, but haven’t had a chance to hack on it yet, or look at it much. Is that what you mean by “the beta”?

He means this beta of real IFTTT integration:

If you can get on the beta list, you can try it out.

Oh, I missed that! Thanks.

Heya @kmarsh,

We’ll be adding finer-grained access_token control down the road, but if you want to restrict how much access IFTTT gets, you could always register any ifttt controllable cores to a separate ifttt only Spark account as a workaround in the meantime. :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Dave, that’s a good thought! Are you dmiddlecamp on github who was helping me get my access-token pull request for spark-cli up to snuff?