Any plans for HomeKit integration?


I’m a new Spark owner. I’ve had SmartThings for a year, but want to diversify my homemade IoT gadgets and found Spark. One of my big concerns is how well SmartThings is going to play with HomeKit, as I am heavily invested in Apple’s ecosystem. Is there any news on Spark / HomeKit compatibility now that iOS 8 is in the wild?

If you’re curious, I built this project to interface SmartThings with some custom LED lights and alarms, along with some other toys. I’m planning to redesign it to take advantage of Spark, especially if that brings HomeKit compatibility.

Edit: Fixed the broken link.


Anyone looking for new information on this checkout the new docs provided by apple.

Also confirming that BLE and Wifi will be supported checkout this pdf, around the middle of the document describing HomeKit and protocol layers:,d.cWc&cad=rja


As far as I understand you may be want to look at Homebridge project


Have a look on this HomeKit update, non-commercial version - SRP