[Answer]-Flash program without Wifi Connection

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I am currently on a locked-down network, and cannot connect to the Particle Cloud. Therefore, I am trying to debug my connection issues, one of the methods of checking the network side is using a MAC Address. I know I can make a simple program to find a MAC Address but I cannot push that program to the Photon without a wifi connection.

If possible, I am trying to flash this program without Wifi, any suggestions?

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Yes, via USB in DFU Mode

particle flash --usb <yourFirmwareFile.bin>

or in Listening Mode (less reliable)

particle flash --serial <yourFirmwareFile.bin>

(corrected, thanks @shiv for the heads up)

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Great! Thank you, I have managed to flash it manually! Learning more each day.

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Sam Herring

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That’s a new one. I’ve seen --Serial but not text. So what’s the difference @ScruffR?

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Considering I haven’t seen it either, let’s call it a typo. That should be --serial :wink:


Yup, was I typo. I meant to put it in a

so the `text` sneaked in twice :blush:
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