Android Particle app 1.5 needs location access


I noticed that the Particle app on Android needs an additional permission for location acces in version 1.5. I have no clue why the app would need location access, the play store also mentions no new functionality for this version.

I have to admit that I’m quite keen at my privacy and I hate to install apps that require permissions for installation that they don’t use (or should not use).

Sofar I rejected the update of the particle app.

Can anybody explain to me why the app needs my location?

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It was mentioned in the description:


- Android 6.0 Marshmallow support[1]
- bug fixes
[1] this is the reason for the added location permission. In Android 6.0, Wi-Fi scans require this permission, because Wi-Fi scan data could be used to determine your location.

Thanks for your quick answer. I did not read it correctly and it’s clear now!

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