Particle App on Google Play is downlevel

When I download the Particle App from Google Play, I get ver 2.2.2 which was released in Aug 2018. This release does NOT setup/support Mesh devices. How does one download the latest App from the store?

Particle’s video demonstrating how to setup Mesh devices uses ver 2.6 and is MUCH different than ver 2.2.2!!! How does one download the latest app?

Maybe you have the old app with the blue logo. The new app has a black and silver icon. Maybe fully uninstall the app and try to install fresh. What mobile device?

I uninstalled and re-installed the app several times … each time the app store downloads rev 2.2.2. Using LG phone running Marshmallow (6.0.1). Also, if I do a BT scan, the Argon shows up as an “Available Device”

wild guess is the app version might depend on android version and marshmallow can not run the newer versions. i know 6.0 level is different than 7.0 and above. but, i might be wrong about 6.0 not being able to run new app.

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Android 5.0 (Lollipop) is required to run the mesh compatible Android app. If you have an older device, you will get the 2.2.x version, but you should automatically get the 2.6 version if you are using Marshmallow. I’m not sure why that’s not working for you.

@rickkas7 How do we go forward? It is an error on your side (content delivery). The app will run on Marshmallow - the problem is that Google Play’s script is telling it to download rel 2.2.2 for OS’s older than Nougat. So, the question is: how can I obtain the .apk and install it myself? Does this require me to build the code from your repo?

In short, this is a Particle deployment bug that needs to be fixed.

maybe try clearing play store cache. settings/apps/play store/storage, if i remember correctly.

Sorry Scruff but read Rickkas’ response … Marshmallow should work. As I have found out in the past, not everyone reads all posts … nor responds to them in a non-cynical way.

Seriously ? Does the developpers have any idea on how network works ? I’m trying to configure a brand new photon card. It requires me to be connected to the photon network to see it, AND be connected to my home wifi to be able to the internet. On one case it fails cause the photon is not found… on…

@statespacesystems As others have said, if you have at least Android 5, you should be receiving the latest version of the app, not 2.2.2.

The only other thing I can think of that would exclude you is that the app also requires a camera with auto-focus, for scanning the data matrix sticker on mesh devices. If your phone doesn’t have that, you might not see the app update either. I’ve never even heard of a smartphone camera with no autofocus, but maybe it’s a manufacturer problem? (i.e.: the camera does autofocus, but they didn’t declare that correctly somewhere?)

What exact phone are you using? (Look around under Settings -> About if you’re unsure)

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