Android Particle App bugs

Stumbled on a Android app issue today. If, for some reason, the device that the app is being downloaded for is not properly recognized by Google Play, a downlevel app is downloaded to the device. I have a LG phone running Marshmallow (6.0.1) with BT capability. The app store pushes release 2.2.2 to the phone and there is no method (at least documented) to force the download of the latest release (2.3.7?? … github repo shows 2.3.5 as latest “yet to be released” release).

Can somebody look into this? Probably an easy tweak to the settings within Google Play

Anything above 2.2.2 will require a higher Android version (or a particular feature your device doesn’t support despite having a higher version installed) since new features (e.g. mesh setup) requires Android features (and sometimes even special hardware in your device) that just aren’t present in your version.

That may be unfortunate but that’s life.

BTW, posting for the same issue in multiple threads will not get more attention or other answers.

That’s only half the story. What iteration of BT standard is supported by your device?
If you can provide the exact type of phone the relevant specs could be found and compared with the respective demands of the app.