Alternative to removing battery from battery shield every time?

Whenever I want to turn off my device made from a spark core, I have to remove the LiPo battery I’m using.
But the battery and core are inside the encasing I made for my project, so it’s annoying to have to always remove and plug the battery back in.
But what I’m more worried about is that since I have to pull the battery out by pulling on the wires connected to the white part that actually goes into the core, the battery wire might get damaged over time.
So is there a way to use a switch or something that would allow me to always keep the battery plugged in, but still allow me to turn off the device?

The white part is what plugs into the hole in the battery shield.

Which battery shield are you using?

@kennethlimcp, it looks like the moustache shield.

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@himat, you may want to consider a device like this:

You can turn the power OFF via a digital pin on the Core or using an external button. You can use the onboard button to turn it back on or wire a parallel external button to turn it back on. :smile: