Power Off/On Switch: Electron

I need to add a physical on/off switch for the Electron. My product will be used for people months at a time but there are certain months where it won’t be used at all. I would like to have a power on/off switch to kill all power to the device.

If I just use a deep sleep routine, the device will continue to draw power which will drain the LiPo battery and I don’t believe storing them completely empty of power for long periods of time is healthy.

I would like to leave the batteries charged but have the device completely powered off. Has anyone solved this problem yet?

I think the way to go is to wire up a JST male and female header together with a switch in between…

I just spliced a small SPST switch in the red positive battery wire.

  • after getting tired of having to unplug it. :smile:

Yeah, but wouldn’t that only kill the battery? It wouldn’t work turn the device off if it was plugged in. That would require someone to pull the power cable and then throw a switch. Not as user friendly as I was hoping.

Right - but instead of just pulling the usb cable or lifting it off the IDT wireless powerpad I’d still have to unplug the battery.

For your application you could use a DPST (double pole single throw) or DPDT for that matter with one pole breaking one leg of the battery and the other pole breaking one leg of your power input. One switch - on / off. User friendly?