Turn Photon completely off

Hello there,

I have a very simple temperature sensor working on battery.

I would like it to turn on (manually with button), send out data and then turn off again automatically.

I’ve been reading on the forum and seems that my best bet if deep sleep (example: Turning off the photon if WiFi is not available)

Is there any function to turn the Photon completely off?


If you want it to be completely off, the best way is not to power it.

The lowest power consumption mode would be deep sleep as you have researched. :wink:

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You could use something like a latching relay. Use the button to turn it on, and use a signal from the MCU to turn if off when it’s done?

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Take a look at how this member is doing it with an Electron:


Amazing ideas!

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

There is a very simple modification to my design that would support a “power off” feature. Happy to share the circuit and could add to the next revision. Chip


Take a look at this:


@ltpitt and @peekay123,

I just updated the board to include the “kill” feature. The Electron can now turn itself completely off but raising the “Kill” pin HIGH. Take a look here.

Hope it is helpful.



This is simply lovely!

In parallel I have to say that Deep Sleep consumption is incredibly low (months and months without charging).

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