Allowed SSID characters in network requirements?

First post, this is more of a “troubleshot” than troubleshooting request but hopefully it will help others get their Photon up and running quicker. I got 2 Photons and went through the network requirements to make sure my home router was setup correctly - 802.11b, fixed channel < 11, firewall off, etc. to no avail. Each Photon would flash green and then fall back to flashing blue. Confusingly, on the Android app, the “Connecting to WiFi network” would tick and sometimes proceed to “Verifying product ownership” so I assumed that the credentials were being accepted.

Anyway, after much checking and rechecking of router security settings I changed my SSID which was formatted like “Wife&Me” to remove the ampersand and the Photon connected immediately. On looking back over the forums I now see a couple of allusions to strange characters in SSIDs causing issues but nothing concrete.

I don’t think there are any restrictions on SSIDs laid down by the relevant standards and I haven’t had an issue with multiple other devices connecting to this network. For this reason, it may be good to include Photon’s SSID character requirements in the guide - I know it would have saved me a few hours!

Notwithstanding this minor issue, the Photon is a great product. Once it connected I had it reading a sensor over the Internet in a matter of minutes! Thanks to all involved.


802.11g works too :slight_smile: