All my Boron OFFLINE

I hope someone can help me on this one. I have 4 Borons and they have gone OFFLINE. Not too sure why, but prior to today all the 4 devices were all working.
When I log into the Device webpage (Particle Console | Build your connected product), I see all of them as ONLINE. But when I go to the SIM card webpage (Particle Console | Build your connected product) I do not see any data being exchanged for about 22 hours now. I am in Canada, Alberta, Calgary. I am wondering if the SIM card still works in this part of the country? Or it is just bad cellular coverage. How can I check for cellular coverage?

Hi, can you DM us your device IDs and we will take a look.

Sorry. My bad. One of our engineer had powered down the Borons during our test.
Apologies again.

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