Action skipped after too much time has elapsed

Hi all,

I’m relying on DO from IFTTT to set a variable in my code and trigger an action. It works great and I have a shortcut on my homescreen I can DO what I want wherever I happen to be. Only yesterday, the link between IFTTT and Particle must have been cut for a while. After a couple of hours IFTTT sent me an email explaining that the action had been skipped after too much time had elapsed.

No harm done, I could manually DO it using curl, I was just wondering if this sort of thing is going to happen a lot??? Whether I should always have a backup plan?

In my experience, you should expect DO button to be pretty reliable.

There were reports Sunday morning that Amazon’s N. Virginia data center had some issues. And many, many services rely on AWS – I’m pretty sure IFTTT is one of them.

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