Access token renewal failure

I’ve tried this multiple times. Can’t compile using the cloud. Using Visual Code, Particle version 2.8.1

Jerry@AVCenter MINGW64 ~/Particle_Projects/tidestation/tidestation (master)
particle token create ? Using account Please enter your password: [hidden] New access token expires on Tue Dec 01 2020 06:35:19 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) bdcb0915ac5aee96a265e1d9c68a16be6769b0e9 Jerry@AVCenter MINGW64 ~/Particle_Projects/tidestation/tidestation (master) particle list
▄ Retrieving devices…
! Please login - it appears your access token may have expired
Failed to list device: Invalid token

Have you tried to first log out and then log in again?

Yeah. Just did that after finding this in Particle function list:
login Login to the cloud and store an access token locally
logout Log out of your session and clear your saved access token