HTTP error 401 from - The access token provided is invalid

I am running visual studio…Have been running it in the past with no problems…I try and Ctrl-Shft-P —Flash and I get the above error. How do I get around this??? I saw another person had the issue and I logged into Particle website but to no avail…I am definitely local not cloud…

Try running Particle: Who am i?

Do you get a message back saying “Logged in as

If not, you can try “Particle Login”

Log in to a Particle account. This is necessary to cloud compile and flash. The Particle: Who Am I? command can be used to determine who you are logged in as.

Although you stated you are compiling locally, I suspect any error message like this is due to not being logged in. I personally haven’t dealt with this error but just a thought…

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From the command palette (Ctrl-Shift-P) Particle: Login. It’s the login token for the Particle CLI that expired, as it’s only valid for 90 days.

You can also Particle: Launch CLI from Workbench and use particle login.

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