Accelerometer + photon

Hello all ,
I am very new to photon . I am awaiting for my order to be shipped .

This is my circuit. I want to know how the changes picked up by the ADXL can be transmitted through wi-fi to my computer or cellphone ?

It would be really helpful if someone can throw some light on my question .

Thank you

Some options: Spark.publish(), Spark.variable(), http library POSTing data somewhere, a UDP or TCP server broadcasting data, webhooks. It all depends on your needs/desires. If you could give us a bit more information on what your trying to do, we might be able to give more accurate advice.
“how do I make this work?” isn’t really a question we can answer.

thanks for advice . What I want to do is I want keep the circuit in my room and forget about it . Whenever someone taps the table on which my setup is placed , I need my device to sense that the tap and send a message to my phone " double tap has occurred / single tap has occurred "

If it’s purely for a knock sensor, you might want to look for a piezo sensor. That’s quite a bit less complicated than a accelerometer. Here’s an arduino example, have a look:
Spark.publish would work nicely here, since it’s infrequent.

It’s not purely a knock sensor , that’s just the beginning . We have come up with a prototype using arduino. The best thing about photon is it can programmed using cloud (sparkdev) and it so small.

Apart from the connections between adxl and my processing device I do not want any other connections. And I want it to be as small as possible . These 2 factors make photon more desirable than arduino .

I can wrap this setup anywhere I want and I get constant feedback . I am heading towards wearable technology and I think Photon is the way forward .