Notification for Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Module

I am looking to make a prototype of the photon, that sends a notification by app when the motion detector is triggered. Unfortunately, I am only familiar wiht the arduino set up found here->

Would anyone be able to help?


Sounds like @bulldoglowell’s link is perfect, but if you want a less technical solution you can always use IFTTT.


Sounds like @christine’s option is perfect, but if you want a more technical solution, you can always use Webhooks.


Hey thanks, I just made a new post. Maybe you might know about hardware? Two way audio and recorder with photon?

I like those functions in layman’s terms. I just made a new post, if you think you might know how to develop it. Two way audio and recorder with photon?

I am more of a visual learner so that will help. But I still don’t know how to connect it to the photon. uses a redboard?

Would this be visual enough?

2 Likes This won’t work will it because it needs 5v.

There’s little we can do about what sensors you choose…
That said, if you’re powering the Photon over USB, try hooking it up to the Vin pin. There should be around 4.8V on there, which I think suffices.
If not, you could ‘hack’ your sensor by bypassing the regulator, as is shown here

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Here is the design I used to make sure it worked. It will actually require 6V. The set up here would work, but I also have a raspberry Pi, and Arduino. Thanks @Moors7 for confirming this.

Reviving this conversation!

I recently got started with the Photon via the Particle io maker kit from Adafruit. I found this post while researching topics about the PIR sensor.@christine suggested IFTTT and I just wanted to expand on that comment. I used this guide: to step 4, then created an IFTTT recipie to send a notification upon publish. There is also a schematic/diagram included in the guide.

IFTTT can be a little more sluggish than using Webhooks; works good enough for notifications, but I wouldn’t recommend using IFTTT via Do Button for lights and whatnot.